Social Responsibility

Since we started NORD, doing things "the right way" has been important to us. While being a small local brand is no easy task, our impact on other people cannot be forgotten at all stages of our our product creation.

Below is further information about our practices followed.

Criteria for Manufacturer Selection:
  • Quality – technology, skill, location, price, and efficiency continue to be the main factors which lead us to manufacturers. These factors provide us with a quality product for our customers.
  • Environmental performance – if we can reduce our environmental impact without sacrificing quality of our products, we will.
  • Fair Work Conditions and Hours – Our manufacturers all will have certifications that will make sure that workers are not employed under force or excessive hours or in hazardous conditions. Our manufacturers will also not employee workers under the age of 15 (as per standards set by the International Labour Organisation).
  • Wages – Our manufacturers will pay their workers a legal minimum wage or better.

We care how we do things, who we do things with, and how all people are treated. At NORD, we will always promise you that.